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Baltimore Scholars attend a two week Bootcamp at the School of Law to learn how to succeed in law school.

Eight HBCU students are selected as Baltimore Scholars during their junior and senior year of college. You earn three academic credits and register for the program as part of your spring course enrollment.

three Baltimore Scholars

Interested in the  Fannie Angelos Program? The application process begins September 15.

You receive a full law school tuition scholarship to the University of Baltimore School of Law if you:

Successfully complete the Baltimore Scholars and LSAT Award Programs, maintain a cumulative 3.50 or higher undergraduate GPA, Score 152 or higher on the LSAT and are admitted to the University of Baltimore School of Law

Application Requirements

After you submit your application you should receive a confirmation email within two days. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Lenora Giles at

Program Requirements and Required Documents:

Scholars will be notified during the second week in November. All fees and expenses for Scholars, including LSAC and LSAT fees, are covered by the program.