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New for Fall 2018- Residents of DE, DC, Northern VA and Southern PA will be charged in state tuition.

 Find out if you qualify.

Applicants must submit an application for Maryland residency if they wish to be considered for in-state tuition.  An application for Maryland Residency is included with the online application for admission via LSAC.

The initial residency determination is made by the Office of Law Admissions.  Appeals of initial determinations should be directed to the Office of Records and Registration.


Changing from Out of State to In State

It is possible, as an out of state student, to obtain Maryland Residency while enrolled at the University of Baltimore School of Law. During the first year of study, students wishing to change residency status must complete the Petition for Change in Classification for Tuition.

Please review the petition and the criteria for establishing in-state residency found below. Review the information thoroughly so that you understand the requirements. This information is offered to make you aware of the requirements. It is not intended as a guarantee of a future change of residency status.

  •  For the 12 consecutive months before the first day of classes for which you wish to be considered a resident, you (or your parent/guardian) must:
  • have resided in Maryland. You must be able to show proof of residence, including the amount you pay and the terms of your lease/deed
  • maintain substantially all personal property within Maryland
  • pay Maryland income tax on all taxable income earned inside or outside the state
  • receive no public assistance from a city, county or municipal agency other than in Maryland
  • have a legal ability under federal and Maryland law to reside permanently without interruption in Maryland
  • have registered to vote in Maryland, if you had been registered in any other jurisdiction
  • license/register all motor vehicles you own in Maryland
  • obtain a valid Maryland driver's license

Other students who qualify for in-state status:

  • full-time or part-time (at least 50 percent time) permanent employees of the University System of Maryland, the employee's spouse, or dependent child
  • full-time active members of the Armed Forces of the United States whose home of residency is in Maryland or are stationed in Maryland, or the member's spouse or dependent child
  • a veteran of the United States Armed Forces who received an honorable discharge within the past 12 months and received his/her high school education in Maryland
  • graduate assistants