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Becoming a Member of Law Review

All School of Law journals have specific criteria for determining eligibility for membership.  The Law Review requires that:

  1. Its members have a cumulative grade point average of 3.200 or higher at the time of membership selection.
  2. Students participate successfully in the School of Law's annual Write-on-Competition, which typically takes place at the end of the spring semester. (All students have only one opportunity during their tenure at the University of Baltimore to write onto Law Review.)
  3. Students have four academic semesters remaining before graduation.  (An academic semester is a fall or a spring semester. A summer semester does not count towards the four academic semesters that a student must have remaining at the time of acceptance.)

The Write-on Competition has three areas of evaluation:

  1. A student's cumulative grade point average is worth 25%
  2. The editing exercise is worth 15%
  3. The submitted case note is worth 60%