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The University of Baltimore Journal of Land and Development is a scholarly, interdisciplinary legal journal that publishes in-depth legal and policy analysis on issues related to land and development. The publication covers urban, suburban and rural issues involving land use, environmental preservation, economic development, redevelopment and community development, as well as real estate transactions and matters concerning finance, property, civil rights, human rights, civil liberties, and state and local government. The journal, published under the direction of a student editorial board, is committed to academic excellence and the dissemination of knowledge to the legal community.

Membership on the University of Baltimore Journal of Land and Development is limited to second- and third-year law students who are selected on the basis of their performance in an annual writing competition. Full-time students typically take part in the competition at the end of their 1L year; part-time students may try out after their second year. Members of the editorial board earn two pass-fail credits per semester, while staff editors earn one pass-fail credit per semester.

The journal is available free of charge at ScholarWorks and Heinonline

Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief: Anthony Cognetti   
Managing Editor: Gillian Rathbone-Webber  
Publications Editor & Articles Editor: Lindsay Pulliam     
Production Editor & Manuscript Editor: Blake Alderman      
Production Editor & Manuscript Editor: Michael Safko
Symposium Editor: Suraj Vyas
Publications Editor & Public Affairs Editor: Alex Athans

Senior Staff Editor: Matthew McComas

Staff Editors

Faculty Advisor
Professor Audrey McFarlane