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The LL.M in the Law of the United States (LOTUS) Curriculum 

Dmitriy Mironov

   “I chose to do my LL.M at the University of Baltimore School of Law for both the location and price, but it was the faculty and staff that really made my decision easy. They were all welcoming and helpful throughout my studies. Thanks in part to the LOTUS program and its focus on the foundations of the U.S. legal system, I was able to pass the Maryland Bar. I hope that you will also make the decision to go to UB. It was definitely a great experience for me!”

Dmitriy Mironov (Russia), Class of 2013

The LL.M. LOTUS curriculum is designed to provide foreign lawyers a first-rate education in the law of the U.S., insights about the American legal profession, and valuable skills in legal analysis, research and writing.  The LL.M. program requires completion of 30 credits of coursework. The program may be completed in one year (two semesters) as a full-time student or in two years (four semesters) as a part-time student. (Please note that the part-time program is not an evening program and that most courses will be scheduled during the day.)

LL.M. LOTUS students choose one of two tracks of study:  U.S. Practice or Elective Concentrations.  Both include required courses on Introduction to the Law of the United States, and Legal Analysis, Research and Writing (LARW).  The U.S. Practice track requires certain core doctrinal courses that lay the foundation of American legal concepts.  The Elective Concentrations track provides for study of specific areas of the law for which course prerequisites have been met. Students will work closely with the Director of the program to ensure that they are choosing the proper track to meet their professional and personal development goals.

  • U.S. Practice

    The course work for students intending to take a U.S. bar examination provides students with the basic principles of U.S. law.  Most classes are comprised entirely of LL.M. LOTUS students.  This allows students to learn in an environment consisting of students with similar backgrounds.  In the fall students enroll in Introduction to the Law of the United States, which serves as an introduction to the legal system of the United States.  Students are also required to enroll in Legal Analysis, Research and Writing (LARW), a class which provides necessary practice in basic legal skills.  In addition, students take courses that are frequently tested on bar examinations including Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Property and Torts.


  • Elective Concentrations

    Introduction to the Law of the United States and Legal Analysis, Research and Writing (LARW) are required, and students will usually enroll in many of the same U.S. Practice courses to provide a framework of U.S. law and serve as a basis for elective courses taken in the second semester.  

    An LL.M. LOTUS student in Elective Concentrations will be assigned a faculty advisor who will assist the student in designing a course of study from the law school's course offerings that meets the student's academic and career goals.  Electives can be chosen from any courses offered by the School of Law.  Students may use the electives to concentrate their understanding of U.S. law in one of the following areas: business law, criminal practice, estate planning, family law, intellectual property, international law, litigation & advocacy, public service and real estate practice.