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School of Law

Spring 2014 Designated Make-Up Days

Winter Weather Forces Make-Up Days

The academic calendar includes two days at the end of the semester to make up classes canceled because of weather closures. The two make-up days have been designated to make up classes missed on Tuesday, January 21, and Monday, March 3. Therefore, the class schedule on these two days will be as follows:

Tuesday, April 29 – All Tuesday classes will meet.

Wednesday, April 30 – All Monday classes will meet.

Classrooms for all day and evening classes will automatically be reserved for make-up classes on these days (Tuesday classes on April 29 and Monday classes on April 30).

The designation of make-up days means the schedule for the last week of classes will be Monday classes (April 28), Tuesday classes (April 29), Monday classes (April 30).

You already know that bad weather has had a significant effect on classes this semester. So far, classes have been canceled for all or part of seven days. It will not be possible to make up all missed classes on the two designated make up days. It may be necessary to make up missed class time by adding time to remaining classes or scheduling make up sessions on dates other than the two designated make up days. Faculty are encouraged to record all make-up sessions for students who are unable to attend.

If you have any questions, please email the Office of Academic Affairs.