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Writing Workshops

A second upper-level can be met by earning a C or higher in a course designated as a workshop, which is a limited enrollment elective course that builds on prior courses and requires students to draft documents and complex instruments through the application of substantive knowledge acquired in those prior courses.

Students who complete the Appellate Advocacy Workshop course, Appellate Practice Clinic, Civil Advocacy Clinic I, Family Law Clinic I, Family Law Workshop, or Family Mediation Clinic, Immigrant Rights Clinic I or Innocence Project Clinic I have the option of having that course satisfy either the upper-level advocacy requirement or the workshop upper-level writing requirement (but not both of these requirements). Students who complete Civil Advocacy Clinic I and II (for 2 credits), Community Development Clinic (for 12 credits), Family Law Clinic I and II (for 2 credits), or Immigrant Rights Clinic I and II (for 2 credits) can receive credit for both the upper level advocacy requirement and one upper level workshop writing requirement.

The courses that fulfill the workshop upper-level writing requirement are:

  • Appellate Advocacy Workshop
  • Appellate Practice Clinic
  • Business Planning Workshop
  • Civil Advocacy Clinic I
  • Commercial Real Estate Workshop
  • Community Development Clinic
  • Dispute Resolution Workshop
  • Electronic Evidence and Discovery Workshop
  • Entertainment Law Workshop
  • Estate Planning Workshop (JD)
  • Family Law Clinic I
  • Family Law Workshop 
  • Family Mediation Clinic
  • Immigrant Rights Clinic I
  • IP Current Developments
  • Legal Research Workshop
  • Legislation Workshop
  • MSBA - UB Business Law Clerkship Fellow
  • Planning for Families & Seniors Workshop
  • Professional Sports Workshop
  • Residential Real Estate Workshop
  • Transactional Skills Workshop
  • The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic