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The family law concentration focuses on the processes of marriage, divorce and annulment. Students learn about support obligations in the family, intra-family litigation, separation agreements, premarital controversies (antenuptial agreements and contracts of marriage), illegitimate children, the legal position of married women, intra-family tort liability, child custody, adoption, alimony, property disposition, jurisdiction and other problems relating to the child. The faculty advisers for this concentration are Barbara Babb, Jane Murphy and Elizabeth Samuels.

The requirements for this concentration have been updated for students who are subject to the experiential requirement.

The list below is for students who are NOT subject to the experiential requirement.

Required Course:
Family Law

From the following courses, students are required to select one experiential course, one upper level writing course, either Juvenile Justice or Child and the Family, and one additional course (for a total of four):

Adoption, Guardianship and Assisted Reproductive Technology Practice Workshop
Advanced Legal Research involving a family law topic (approved by Family Law Concentration adviser)
Center for Families, Children and the Courts Student Fellows Program I
Child and the Family
Children and the Constitution Seminar
Elder Law
Families, Law, and Literature
Family Law Clinic I
Family Law Moot Court Team
Family Law Workshop
Juvenile Justice
Mediating Family Disputes: Theory and Practice Seminar
Mediation Clinic for Families I

While not required, the following courses are recommended for students wanting to specialize in family law:

Bench Trial Advocacy
Center for Families, Children & the Courts Student Fellows Programs II
Dispute Resolution Workshop
Family Law Clinic II
Federal Income Tax
Gender and the Law Seminar
Interviewing, Negotiating and Counseling
Litigation Process
Mediation Clinic for Families II
Mediation Skills
Planning for Families and Seniors Workshop
Trial Advocacy
Trusts and Estates