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University of Baltimore School of Law in conjunction with University of Haifa Faculty of Law

View of Haifa from Bahai Gardens and Shrine

For American law students who seek an enlightening and educational summer experience abroad, the Haifa Summer Law Institute provides a unique opportunity to study comparative law in Israel. Few countries can offer more richness of history, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. Likewise, no location in Israel presents the blend of academic excellence, cultural integration, and spectacular scenery more than Haifa. The University of Haifa is the most ethnically diverse institution of higher learning in the Middle East. It is situated at the peak of Mount Carmel, which rises dramatically from the beaches of the blue Mediterranean to the lush forests surrounding the campus.

Dromi Beach-Haifa

Haifa has beautiful Mediterranean beaches, many ethnic cuisines, interesting shops and museums, and a zoo. The city is well located within easy traveling distance to Israel's historical landmarks and modern attractions, from Tiberias in the northern Galilee to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the heartland to the southern resort of Eilat. Students will study and socialize with their Israeli counterparts, and will have ample time to explore the rich religious and cultural history of Israel. Public transportation is reliable and inexpensive. Summer weather in Haifa is pleasant, with high temperatures in the 80's, lows in the 60's, and little or no rainfall. English is widely spoken throughout Israel.

For more information contact
Prof. Kenneth Lasson, Director, University of Baltimore School of Law (410.837.4514)
Laurie Schnitzer, Program Coordinator (Phone: 410.837.4689, Fax: 410.837.4560)