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Academic Policies

  • The program is open to students who have completed all first-year courses and who are in good academic standing at an ABA-accredited law school.
  • You will take two 2-credit courses with no prerequisites.
  • Three courses will be offered. One course is mandatory, and you may select your second class.
  • UB class attendance policy applies. Attendance is MANDATORY on all field trips and/or guest lectures. Any absence from a field trip counts the same as an absence from a class session.
  • The University of Baltimore grading standards apply, and UB transcripts will be sent out. Acceptance of credits earned during the program is subject to the determination of your home school.
  • Grades are based on an examination in each course. The grading policy in the program is the same as in the regular course of study at University of Baltimore Law.
  • If you attend a law school other than those at the University of Baltimore or Hofstra University, you must submit a letter from your law school verifying that you meet the above requirements.
  • Students will be accepted into the program in the order in which they apply.
  • The University of Curaçao is accessible to students with disabilities; however, some aspects of the program may not be accessible to people with certain disabilities.
  • To orient you to Curaçao law and institutions, the program includes guest speakers, a tour of the island and a trip to the local courts. You will have access to computer labs between classes to check your e-mail.