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Spend your winter in Curaçao.

Tuition & Fees :  $3,800 (4 credits, selected course materials, and academic field trips)

Program Fee: $1,900
Program Fee Includes:

  • Housing (22 days at the Hilton Curacao, double room, wifi, daily buffet breakfast included, 10% off food and beverage at the Hilton)
  • On-site administration
  • Private bus service to and from the hotel for classes
  • Specified meals and coffee breaks with snack, on class days
  • Holiday party
  • Welcome reception
  • Farewell reception

Additional Charges to Students (as requested/required)

  • Single room Supplement: $1,800.00
  • Single room Supplement w/ one guest: $1,950.00
  • Additional Room (at cost): $4,600.00
  • Activity Fee (if no housing required): $900.00
  • Additional Guest: $350.00

Please note that you are responsible for your own travel arrangements and other miscellaneous expenses while in Curaçao.

Payment Schedule

  • November 3, 2017: $300 Nonrefundable deposit due with application
  • November 9, 2017: $1,000 payment or proof of financial aid secured
  • December 5, 2017: Balance Due

Financial Aid
Financial aid may be available to cover the cost of the program as well as transportation and other expenses. If you are interested in applying, check with the financial aid office at your home institution to determine financial aid eligibility and availability. The University of Baltimore will bill students the program fee for tuition and housing (less the $300 application deposit) in November before the trip. If you require financial assistance to attend the program, please work with your law school’s financial aid office immediately after being accepted into the program.

Non-UB law students should obtain a Consortium Agreement Form from your financial aid office and address it to:
University of Baltimore
Attn: Financial Aid Office, Curacao Program
1420 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Please be aware that below represents the maximum amount available in financial aid for the program:
Tuition: $3,800 (paid to the University of Baltimore)
Housing & Program Fee: $1,900 (paid to the University of Baltimore)
Food: $1,200
Transportation: $2,100
Books/Miscellaneous: $1,200
Total financial aid available: $10,200



(1) Cancellation of program: In the unlikely event that the program is canceled, each and every student enrolled would receive individual notice by e-mail, receipt requested, and there would be follow-up by regular mail or telephone or both to every student who did not acknowledge receipt of the e-mail. Cancellation of the program would result in refunding all payments made by students;

(2) Withdrawal by individual student: For a student to withdraw his or her enrollment in the program, the student must send written notice (by e-mail or regular mail) that is received by the program director or program assistant (or both) no later than Noon on November 1 2017. After timely withdrawal, the student will receive a refund of all payments other than the nonrefundable $300 deposit. No refunds will be made for withdrawals received after November 1, 2017.