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View of Portree, Scotland

Portree, Scotland

Scottish Faculty

Derek Auchie , Senior Teaching Fellow 

Derek is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School. He was formerly a practising solicitor before moving into academia in 2002. He spent ten years at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen before moving to the University of Aberdeen's School of Law in June 2012. Derek works as a part time tribunal chair on the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland and the Additional Support Needs Tribunal for Scotland. He is an adjudicator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). He is an external examiner with the University of Stirling and a Faculty Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CiArb), with whom he is also a Fellow. He sits on the Northern Chapter Committee of the Scottish CIArb. Derek is interested in the law of evidence and in dispute resolution processes (court, tribunal, arbitration and mediation). He is also interested in the interpretation of rules and legislation.

Mike Radford , Reader

Mike Radford joined the School in September 2000 from the University of East Anglia. His interests focus on law and the exercise of power in two distinct areas: government and public administration; and the treatment of animals. He is presently a Council member of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare; an academic adviser to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons; a committee member of the Animal Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association; and a member of the Companion Animal Welfare Council. He has written widely on aspects of animal welfare law and lectured extensively on the subject both in the UK and abroad. Mike's book 'Animal Welfare Law in Britain' was recently published by the Oxford University Press. He is currently engaged on a research project funded by the RSPCA and the revision of the 'Animals' section of Halsburys Laws of England. Mr Radford is interested in the areas of animal welfare law, constitutional law and public law (particularly the role of the Westminster or Edinburgh parliaments and the legislative process).

American Faculty

C.J. Peters, Professor, University of Baltimore School of Law

C.J. Peters teaches constitutional law, constitutional theory, and civil procedure and writes in the areas of legal, political, and constitutional theory. His book  A Matter of Dispute: Morality, Democracy, and Law  (Oxford Univ. Press 2011) develops a theory of legal authority and applies it to the American practices of democratic government, constitutionalism, and judicial review. His edited volume  Precedent in the United States Supreme Court  (Springer 2014) presents a collection of essays from noted legal scholars exploring the Supreme Court’s use of precedent in its constitutional decisions. Peters has published articles in the  Harvard Law Review , the  Yale Law Journal , the  Columbia Law Review , the  Northwestern Law Review , the  UCLA Law Review , the  Iowa Law Review , the  Boston University Law Review , the  BYU Law Review ,and the peer-reviewed journal  Legal Theory , among other journals.

Deborah Thompson Eisenberg, Associate Professor of Law and  Director, Center for Dispute Resolution (C-DRUM) at the University of Maryland School of Law

Deborah Thompson Eisenberg is an Associate Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.  She writes and teaches in the areas of employment law, dispute resolution, and civil procedure.  She also provides professional trainings and workshops on negotiation, mediation, and workplace dispute resolution and serves as a mediator in civil and employment cases. Professor Eisenberg came to the law school as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law in 2007 and has taught civil procedure, legal analysis and writing, employment discrimination, and the Workers’ Rights Clinic.  She currently teaches the Mediation Clinic. 


Catherine Moore, University of Baltimore
Coordinator for International Law Programs

Carol Lawie, University of Aberdeen
Executive Assistant