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School of Law

University of Baltimore School of Law  |  University of Aberdeen School of Law

Portree Harbour, Scotland

All students take two 3-credit courses. The courses have no prerequisites. To orient students on Scots laws and institutions, the program includes several field trips and guest speakers.

Comparative Constitutionalism: the United Kingdom and the United States

This course, co-taught by University of Baltimore and University of Aberdeen faculty, will present a comparative study of the constitutional structures of the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively. Topics likely to be covered include the supremacy of Parliament vs. that of a written constitution; the fusion of powers vs. the separation of powers; and unitary state vs. federal state. Special attention will be paid to developments following the Scottish independence referendum of 2014.

Comparative Conflict Resolution

This course will provide an overview of the various dispute resolution methods used in the US, UK and EU, with a particular emphasis on mediation, arbitration, and restorative justice. This course will explore alternative ways that conflicts are resolved in the United States, Scotland, and Europe. The class will give you a general overview of the processes used and the policy and practice issues involved with each process. Through class exercises and simulations, the course will also give you an opportunity to practice the basic skills required to be a neutral or advocate in the processes.



Please note that course descriptions are subject to change.