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University of Baltimore School of Law  |  University of Aberdeen School of Law

Portree Harbour, Scotland

All students take two 3-credit courses. The courses have no prerequisites. To orient students on Scots laws and institutions, the program includes several field trips and guest speakers.

Course for 2017 will include courses on comparative criminal law and comparative health law. Exact course descriptions will be posted in February 2017.  

Comparative Torts Law in Context (3 credits)
Professor Michael Hayes


The course will compare American torts law with both the Scots law of Delict (which governs legal liability for situations such as the negligent infliction of harm upon others) and English Torts law.  This course will provide knowledge and understanding of the conceptual structure of this branch of law in these different jurisdictions. Doctrinal topics, in addition to liability for negligence, will include intentional torts, breach of privacy, trespass to land, environmental torts (e.g. nuisance), and liability of property owners and occupiers for harms on their premises.

Comparative Property and Contract Law in Times of Extraordinary Change (3 credits)
Professors Barbara Bezdek


This course will explore doctrines, principles and values of property and contract as they are applied in exigent circumstances, in a comparative fashion.  Topics will include application and exceptions to familiar principles of contract interpretation, breach and excuse, as well as the social significance and design of property principles of ownership, use and economic benefit, in circumstances of extraordinary change for households, communities, and regions.