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School of Law

University of Baltimore School of Law  |  University of Aberdeen School of Law

Application for 2015

The application form must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $300 made payable to the University of Baltimore. To request an application, contact:

Catherine Moore
University of Baltimore School of Law
Attn: Aberdeen Program
1420 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
Phone: 410.837.4631 FAX: 410.837.4492

Application Due Dates:

(1) April 24, 2015: Submit application and $300 deposit (non-refundable);

(2) May 29, 2015: Proof of application for financial aid for program or payment of $1,000 towards program cost. Students who plan to seek financial aid should start applying as soon as they submit their application

(3) Final deadline: Balance due on June 12, 2015.