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Student Fellows Programs

Student Fellows

 CFCC Student Fellows

Student Fellow Cassie Jackson with Prof. Barbara Babb.

Center for Families, Children and the Courts

Every year, a select group of students are chosen to serve as Fellows for one of three Centers at the School of Law:

Fellows work on a diverse array of issues and Fellows are indispensable to the Centers' work.



The Center for Families, Children & the Courts Student Fellows Program

The Center for Families, Children & the Courts Student Fellows Program I and Program II provide law students with a unique opportunity to experience the cutting edge of family justice system reform.
Student Fellows engage in CFCC projects that develop and implement family justice programs, assess the performance of family justice system, design innovative approaches to family law and family justice system reform issues and develop contacts for future employment.

Center for International & Comparative Law

The Center for International & Comparative Law chooses upper-level students to serve as Student Fellows at the Center.  Student Fellows are selected on the basis of their grades, their expertise in international and comparative law, and their demonstrated interest in programs served by the Center.

The Stephen L. Snyder Center for Litigation Skills
 Litigation Fellows

The Stephen L. Snyder Center for Litigation Skills
 Litigation Fellows  earn two credits per academic year by participating in the Center's seminar programs and performing at least 60 hours of substantive legal work during the academic year. A student may serve as a Litigation Fellow for up to two academic years. 
Student Litigation Fellows are selected based on their academic record, faculty recommendations, demonstrated interest in a career in litigation and the programs of the Center. The upper-level students who serve as Student Fellows at the Center play a vital role in the law school's litigation training programs and in implementing those programs throughout the curriculum.
They participate in the planning and development of the Center's annual fall criminal law symposium and the spring semester's Litigation Week programs including the Legacy of Excellence in Litigation event.

Fellows work on improving their own skills by participating in a litigation skill assessment and evaluation before an experienced panel of judges and lawyers. That evaluation will result in a required personal “presentation skills improvement plan” for each Fellow  The Fellows will also participate in jury research and community based mock jury activities. The Litigation Fellows committee with the assistance of the Snyder Center Director, the Distinguished Attorney in Residence and the Distinguished Jurist in Residence shall supervise all work submitted for academic credit by the Fellows.