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School of Law

Moot Court Teams

There are 21 moot court teams to choose from at UB School of Law. Which is the best fit for you?

American Intellectual Property Law, coached by Professor Natalie Ram,Esq.

Brand Names, coached by Joseph Pappafotis, Esq.

Braxton Craven Memorial, coached by George Perry, Esq., J.D. '09

Cardozo-BMI Entertainment Law, coached by Joseph Pappfaotis, Esq.

Evans Constitutional Law, coached by Susan Watson, Esq., J.D. '76
                                              and Natalie Hynum, Esq.

Frederick Douglass, coached by Garrett Brierley, Esq., J.D. '10 

Gabrielli National Family Law, coached by Professor Tamara Sanders, J.D. '05

Gibbons Criminal Procedure, coached by Brian DeLeonardo, Esq., J.D. '96
                                                   and The Honorable Laurie Bennett

Inter-American Human Rights, coached by Jonathan Shoup, Esq., J.D. '75

International Environmental Law, coached by Alyssa Johl, Esq.

Jessup International Law, coached by LCourtney Colonese, Esq., J.D. '1
                                             and Jeffrey Sadri, Esq., J.D. '12

Lefkowitz Brand Names Foundation, coached by Robert McCord, Esq., J.D. '89

McGee National Civil Rights, coached by The Honorable Shannon Avery, J.D. '92
                                                  and Rima Kikani, Esq., J.D. '14

National Appellate Advocacy Team 1, coached by Jeff Bernstein,Esq., J.D. '14

National Appellate Advocacy Team 2, coached by Matthwe Kraueter, Esq., J.D. '09

National Environmental Law, coached by Michael Flannery, Esq., J.D. '75 
                                                   and Patricia Smith, Esq.

National Moot Court Team 1, coached by Bradford Peabody, Esq. J.D. '13
                                                  and Ellery Johannessen, J.D. '13

National Moot Court Team 2, coached by Imran Shaukat, Esq., J.D. '12 
                                                  and Pierce Murphy, Esq., J.D. '11

National Telecommunications, coached by Gregory Rapisarda, Esq., J.D. '05

Taxation, coached by Professor Fred Brown

Thomas Tang, coached by The Honorable Brian Kim

Wagner Labor & Employment Law, coached by Darrell Van Deusen, Esq.