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Learn more about UB School of Law's Moot Court Program.

Why should I participate on a moot court team?
Why not? You’ll improve your writing skills, gain experience in oral advocacy, build your resumé's fun!

How do I earn a place on one of the 11 Moot Court Teams?
The Byron L. Warnken Annual Moot Court Competition decides the members of the school's moot court teams. During the competition, you are trained in brief writing and oral arguments by the current moot court board. To compete in moot court, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic standing.

What is the Warnken Competition like?
You will write an appellate brief to be graded by selected judges and deliver an oral argument in front of a three-judge panel.

What if I have never written an appellate brief or delivered an argument?
Don’t worry! Most people have not written an appellate brief before the competition. The moot court board will offer training sessions to build your confidence in both areas.

How will I learn about these trainings and other competition information?
You can’t miss it! The moot court board will send out emails, Facebook events, fliers, etc. to ensure everyone is aware of the competition.

About how many people make a team each year?
There is no concrete number from year to year, because it truly depends on how many places are available at the end of each year. The number of open moot court slots for the 2016-2017 year was aproximately 25.

If I am selected to be on a team, when do I compete?
The following academic year. For example, if you compete in the Warnken Competition during the spring semester of your first year, then you will compete in your second year.

Do I compete as a 3L as well?
That’s up to you!  You choose whether or not to participate in your third year.

I want to be on Law Review. Is it possible to be on a moot court team and Law Review?
Absolutely!  Many people do both. 

Can I still be on a moot court team if I'm an evening student?
Most definitely!