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You're almost there! If you're checking out this page, you're beginning to think about taking a bar exam after you graduate law school. We know you're anxious to get started. So here's some information about the test to guide you as you begin your journey:

The Maryland bar exam is administered by the State Board of Law Examiners. The bar exam is a two-day exam and is offered two times a year, on the last Tuesday or Wednesday in February or July. On day one, test takers complete 10 essay questions covering a range of law, including agency, business associations, commercial transactions, family law, Maryland civil procedure, professional responsibility, and any of the multistate bar exam subjects. In addition, test takers also complete, on day one, a multistate performance test question. On day two, test takers complete the multistate bar exam, a 200 multiple-choice-question exam, covering constitutional law, contracts and sales, criminal law and procedure, evidence, federal rules of civil procedure, real property, and torts. 

Accommodations for the Maryland bar exam? The State Board of Law Examiners will consider requests for accommodations. You should begin the process of requesting accommodations as early as possible so that you may still have time to appeal a denial of an accommodation request prior to the test taking day.

Can I take the exam using my own laptop? Laptops may be used to take the bar exam; there is a fee for doing so (the fee is paid to ExamSoft, which administers the electronic version of the exam). Information about applying to use your laptop and the fees connected to this may be found here.