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This page is designed to provide answers to frequently asked questions concerning the School of Law's role in the the completion of certain forms and issuance of transcripts related to the bar admissions process.

    • Can the School of Law certify that I completed my undergraduate degree and complete the Pre-Legal Certification form?

      The Office of Academic Affairs and the Records Office are unable to certify an undergraduate degree from an institution other than the University of Baltimore. If you did not attend the University of Baltimore, please mail this form to your undergraduate institution for completion. If you did graduate from UB, submit your form to the Records Office . You may also ask your undergraduate degree-granting institution to directly send an official copy of your transcript to the Board of Law Examiners.

    • I worked for the law school when I was a student. Who can verify my employment?

      Katie Rolfes should be listed as the person who will verify that you were employed at the law school (e.g., you worked as a research assistant, law scholar, teacher scholar, or in some other capacity).

    • I need to list a contact email for the law school. Who may I list?

      You may list Katie Rolfes at

    • To whom shall I send my character and fitness certification?

      If you are applying for admission to the Maryland bar, please note that Maryland character and fitness forms will be sent to the School of Law by the examining attorney on the character and fitness committee. Applicants applying to the Maryland Bar do not need to forward paperwork to the School of Law.

      For all other states, all forms should be mailed to the attention of Katie Rolfes at the University of Baltimore School of Law, 1420 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 or faxed to Ms. Rolfe's attention at 410.837.4450. Be sure to include your full name, date of graduation, return address, requested due date for the document, and your phone number or email address in case there are questions for you. You may contact Ms. Rolfes directly via email or by calling 410.837.4479.

    • What kind of information regarding character and fitness might be reported to the bar?

      Depending on the state’s form, the specific questions asked, and your personal situation, a variety of  information may be provided. Some examples of information that might be reported include whether the student has been on academic probation and disciplined, had honor code violations, criminal offenses, involvement in civil suits, discharge from employment or the armed forces, along with other information that a student may have disclosed on an admissions application.

      Please note that substantial financial debt* may be reported as well. Substantial financial debt is defined as bills that are past due by at least 90 days. You will have received several notices from the Bursar’s Office before your debt is considered reportable. We recommend that you contact the Bursar's Office (Academic Center Room 127; 410.837.4848) to arrange a payment plan before you apply to the bar.

    • Does the Office of Academic Affairs issue transcripts to the bar examiners?

      The Office of Academic Affairs does not prepare transcripts. That function, like diplomas, is exclusively the province of the Records Office (Academic Center 126; 410.837.4825). You can request an official transcript using this form . Prior to ordering, verify your degree has posted to the top of the unofficial transcript in myUB, since your transcript must show that your J.D. was conferred on a specific date in order to meet requirements established by the Maryland Board of Bar Examiners.

If you have questions about bar preparation courses, Lisa Sparks (Practitioner in Residence and Special Assistant to the Dean for Bar Readiness) is available to speak with you about considerations that may affect your choice. She is also available to discuss bar study strategies generally. Please contact Professor Sparks if you would like to make an appointment.